Washington DC's Most Power-Hungry Bureaucrat






Washington DC's Most
Power-Hungry Bureaucrat

Power Hungry DC Bureaucrat

After being kicked out of office by the people of Ohio, Richard Cordray spent years as a DC Bureaucrat running the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and becoming one of Washington’s most power-hungry officials. Cordray has become the darling of the radical far left: pushing anti-freedom regulatory policies and subverting Congressional authority. That power isn’t enough for an ambitious, power-hungry, DC Bureaucrat like Richard Cordray. He resigned and left the CFPB in chaos to advance his political career on the backs of hard-working Ohioans.

Crony Looking Out For Himself

Numerous reports suggest that Cordray may have been preparing for his campaign for governor while serving as CFPB Director, raising questions of his compliance with the Hatch Act.  This is typical behavior from a corrupt crony who is always looking out for himself. His calculated political actions led to a congressional request for an investigation and despite multiple requests through the Freedom of Information Act, Cordray’s office has still not turned over all of the documents and emails about his activities.  What is Cordray hiding from the people of Ohio?

Comparison of Republicans to Nazis

Ohio Democrat gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray is facing new controversy after a video was released showing him comparing Ohio Republicans to Nazi collaborators. The Cincinnati Enquirer first reported that Cordray, while speaking to supporters in Lima earlier this year, made the bizarre comments calling local Republicans who refused to speak up against Governor John Kasich’s policies “Vichy Republicans,” comparing them to those who “collaborated with the Nazis.”

Job Killing Insider

While at the CFPB, Cordray led the charge to create overreaching, job-killing regulations. He made a name for himself as a job-killing insider who would stop at nothing to make the radical left happy. One member of Congress even called the CFPB the “most destructive and dangerous of the new regulatory bureaucracies…” It’s clear that the only job Richard Cordray cares about is his own.





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