Democrat Richard Cordray Wants Ohioans To Pay Billions For New Big Government Spending

As Ohio Democrat gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray tries to con voters into thinking he won't raise their taxes, he continues to push for billions of dollars in reckless new spending plans for which Ohio taxpayers would be on the hook for.

Congressman seeks investigation into whether Richard Cordray violated political activity ban

COLUMBUS, Ohio--A Texas congressman has requested a federal investigation into whether Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray is illegally working to run for Ohio governor. House Financial Services Committee Chair Jeb Hensarling, a longtime GOP critic of Cordray, asked U.S.

Ohio Democrat Richard Cordray Caught Making Offensive Nazi Comparisons For The Second Time This Week

"Another incident has arisen from earlier this month of Richard Cordray making a comparison between Republicans and those who committed atrocities during the Holocaust. The comments from Cordray, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee in Ohio, came while speaking to supporters during a campaign stop on June 15 with the Licking County Democrats in Newark, Ohio.

How We'll Stop a Rogue Federal Agency

Rep. Jeb Hensarling writes that Congress can defund Elizabeth Warren's unaccountable and unconstitutional CFPB.

Under Richard Cordray, Rape Kits in Ohio Went Untested

While Richard Cordray was Attorney General of Ohio, he allowed thousands of rape kits to go untested, leaving hundreds of serial criminals to remain unpunished. Now, he wants the people of Ohio to trust him enough to elect him governor. Why should they? Under Cordray, a backlog of 12,000 rape kits had piled up, untested.

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